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All the Cadbikes on this page were made by me,
Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak,

Cadbike # 25, Dumpster bike
A right-side drive 6-speed with a 4-speed swingarm frame and a 280 tire.
As for styling, I will use parts that people normally remove and replace, the parts nobody wanted! 9-spoke cast aluminum wheels, narrow forks, Superglide tank..
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Cadbike # 24, Strange frame & Turbo
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Using a lot of parts from previous projects, I started this one because I want to try out some new frame ideas, especially a rear suspension that keeps the rear chain length constant and I also wanted to add a turbocharger..
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Cadbike # 23, 8-valve boardtracker

Inspired by the old 8-valve racers with open rockers, and by Krugger's Maywood , I am designing a boardtracker with some nice technical details, based on the steering geometry of a 2002 FXDX.
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Cadbike #22, Project Wildfire
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Named after the Cad-program I use to create all these designs, the wildfire bike is fitted with a blower, perimeter brakes, a 280 rear tire and a frame and fork made with oval tubing!
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Cadbike # 21, the bolt-on Fatass

The challenge: design a rearend that can be bolted into a stock 4-speed swingarm frame using an ultra-wide rear wheel in the middle where it belongs, no offset primary, offset engine or gearbox, no replacement of gearbox parts necessary.
Using the new 280/35-18 Metzeler!
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