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CADBIKE # 22, Project Wildfire
 Project started 17 June 2003,

All the Cadbikes I have created sofar have been made with a program called Pro|Engineer, by PTC. The latest version is called Wildfire and this project is intended as a tribute to the amazing capabilities of this program.

13 October 2003: I modified the rear fender by making it a bit rounder and increasing the radius of the corners, completed the rear brake linkage and last but not least moved the Weber IDF carb to the center of the bike. This meant designing a new manifold, changing the top motormount and drastically modifying the bottom of the fueltanks. I think it looks a lot better and now there is more room for both arms and legs of the rider.

20 October 2003: After 15 full weeks of spending most of my free time working on it, this project is pretty much finished. I added the taillight, brake and clutchlevers, even more views, all the oillines and the battery. I hope PTC is happy with the result, you might be seeing this bike in one of their ads someday.

26 May 2009: Replaced the front fork legs by more rounded versions, re-rendered in Hypershot