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Project started 10 September 2002,

In this project I combined the jackshaft system I designed for
Cadbike #15 with a softtail-like rear suspension. This bike is designed
for high speed, using the wheelbase,trail and rake of a 2002 Dynaglide.
The engine is a shovelhead with billet homemade heads with raised inlets.
The gearbox is raised for better cornering ability, like in Cadbikes #14
and #15. Center of gravity is lower and further forward than stock.
The look I am going for is a combination between dragster and streetfighter.



13 January 2003: Started work on all the "under the skin" Stuff, added
front brake lines, support structure for tach and fairing, aluminum fueltank.

17 April 2003: Continued work on all the "under the skin" stuff, added
nitrous bottle and battery under the "tank" and worked on the adjustable
headlight bracket and rectifier/regulator inside the fairing.
I also added 4 new line-views, highlighting some details.

24 March 2009: Some new renderings with Hypershot

10 July 2023: Some new & bigger renderings with Keyshot


Stock head left, DBBP-head right,
notice the difference in intake height!