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CADBIKE # 14, the PM bike 
 Project started 11 December 2001,

"Performance Machine is excited to team up with
and Duckman on this project bike. Our plan is to blend the
old with the new on this project machine using old boardtrack
styling cues combined with modern day technology to first
produce in CAD and then build the ultimate board tracker."
                                        Roland Sands, Performance Machine


Special thanks to Marcel from the Bike-Hospital, for lending
me the EVO engine parts I needed to measure for this project!

11 August 2002: Spent the last 2 weeks doing the PERFORMANCE
MACHINE lettering on the fueltank
, damn thats a lot of work.....
For those of you that are familiar with 3D CAD work, the
fueltank now consists of 9 parts with a total of 410 features!
All this bike needs now is a taillight.

18 August 2002: Well, I added the taillight and some brackets for
the #10 plates
, the design part of this project is finished! Next step
will be translating all the parts from Pro/Engineer to SolidWorks,
the rest is up to the guys at PERFORMANCE MACHINE.

11 August 2009: Re-rendered in Hypershot

the famous oilines....

One of the photo's that shows the 1920's look we are
after, only we will do it with PM 21" billet "Wrath" wheels
and brakes and an EVO engine! More pics like this
can be found in Coolest Bikes/Others/Boardtrackers

Some of the first sketches of #14 by Duckman

Sketch by Roland Sands, I guess we are on the same wavelength!

Basic frame geometry, the raised gearbox and 1" belt in combination
with those BIG 21" PM Wrath wheels makes for some incredible lean angles!

If you want to know how to make a bike handle, there is a lot of
interesting stuff at (tech-cafe section) about the
relations between rake, trail and wheelbase. According to them,
AN should be 6% of BN for a race bike and between 6% and 6.5%
for a sports bike. The 2002 FXD has 6.15%; perfect!

  2002 Dyna FXD Cadbike # 14
Rake 28 28
Trail 104 mm 104 mm
Wheelbase 1586 mm 1586 mm
Lean angle R/L 31.0 / 32.0 57 / 57
The planned frame geometry compared to that of
a 2002 Harley Davidson FXD

Sketch by Roland Sands of PM 
Sketch by Roland Sands of PM 

Unique reverse clutch handle with cable through bars

Mini headlights with powerfull Halogen units

This is the stuff I really dig, all the cool mechanical bits!