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CADBIKE # 15, the Wild One
 Project started 21 June 2002,


And now for someting completely different:
A long and low chopper that can actually go around corners!
In previous Cadbikes I used 230 rear tires and offset gearboxes,
this time I will use a 250 tire without offsetting anything, by adding
an extra sprocketshaft under the gearbox and moving the drivechain
to the other side of the bike.
This way the primary belt will not be
scraping the ground with every left turn and it will leave room for
a bizarre exhaust system that I have dreamed up.......


16 March 2003: Added 1961/1962 style tanklogo's, "slightly" modified
ofcourse, changed the lower frame tubes so that they are parallell instead
of angled outwards at the back. I added a second cable-operated master
cylinder under/ behind the primary belt to operate the hydraulic clutch.
The clutch cable runs through the frame to the left forward control, and
transfers the cable movement to the master cylinder using a pivoting arm
that is a mirrored version of the brake pivot arm that is operated by the
right forward
control. (confused? check out the pics...)

1 April 2003: Added hydraulic clutch mechanism in kickstartcover,
this project is now officially finished! Also added a Cadbike #15 wallpaper.

9 June 2009: New Hypershot renderings