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All the Cadbikes on this page were made by me,
Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak,

Cadbike # 26, Old school longbike

A stretched springer, 80 spoke wheels with black rims, long wheelbase and a high neck Check out the very special rear drive on this bike..

Cadbike #27, No Frills Chop

Based on Gary's 230 frame from the Chopper Builders handbook, two S&S E-carbs, Morris magneto, kickstart only, fat & skinny wheels, sprocket brake only.

Cadbike #28, Twin Turbo Trike

Wild and off the wall, this trike has an Evo powerplant mounted sideways with 2 Garrett turbochargers. The frame is constructed with sheetmetal instead of tubes and doubles as fuel and oiltank!

Cadbike #29, Highneck

The latest project, American style with a single downtube, high neck and a 250 rear tire

Cadbike #30, Krugger Style

A bike I designed together with Fred Krugger; 330 rear tire and Twincam power combined with special Krugger/DBBP styling