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CADBIKE # 26, Old school longbike


"I love the look of a fat tire in a narrow bike, if
everything were fat it would just look slow and lazy"

 Project started 3 May 2004,

A long chop with lots of old school style.


19 July 2004: I added 2 separate fuel valves, one for normal use and one as reserve placed lower on the tank. Because the lowest point of the tank is higher than the floatbowl of the Weber IDF carb I did not add a fuelpump. I also added a Maltese cross taillight and modified the number 26 on the fueltank.

26 July 2004: I added a center stand instead of a side stand, because I prefer to see a bike standing straight , I also added a battery box directly on top of the gearbox and startermotor so the wiring can be kept to a minimum and added the alternator and alternator cover.

14 July 2009: Rerendered in Hypershot