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CADBIKE # 21, Bolt-on Fatass

 Project started 26 March 2003,

I have been toying with this idea for a while,
to design a rearend that could be bolted onto the back of a
"stock" bike, with a superfat 280 rear tire in the middle of the bike.
No welding on the frame, no offset gearbox, no offset engine,

no reduced cornering angle on the primary side.
Just remove stock wheel, chain, swingarm, shocks and fender,
bolt in the new set and burn rubber. As an added bonus I have
added a driveside brake, and two singleside swingarms so
the chain length stays constant.


I am using the CAD-model of my own bike as a testbed for this design.

11 August 2003: Added taillight and numberplate mounted on small leather toolbag, changed the colour of the seat to the same brown as the toolbag, added battery behind the gearbox and added throttlecable. Finished!

18 August 2003: Hmmm, it seems I had forgotten the rear brakelines and bleeder screws, thats what happens when I stay up much too late drawing this stuff, still it's better to forget the brakes on a virtual bike than on a real one!


The two single-side swingarms make sure the distance
between the two sprockets is always constant