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CADBIKE # 25, Dumpster bike


 Project started 17 March 2004,

In this project the technical design idea I want to try is to
combine a right-side drive 6-speed with a 4-speed
swingarm frame and a 280 tire.
The chain will go outside of the rear frame legs.
As for styling, I intend to use all the parts that people
normally remove and replace, the parts nobody wanted!
9-spoke cast aluminum wheels, narrow forks, Superglide tank....


7 June 2004: Modified the exhaustpipes, added a top motormount with plugwires going through it, added the coil mounted in a recess in the bottom of the fueltank and changed the handles.

29 June 2004: I added all the oillines, added some mounting flanges to the alternator cover and added an old beehive taillight mounted directly to one of the shock-covers.

3 March 2009: Changed the wheels, risers, added oilfilter and re-rendered in Hypershot