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Our dear friend Harry is building a new bike based on a Fick engine (Harley lower end with Matchless heads), and found a guy in Indonesia to make aluminum fenders for him for a low price.
Well, I guess something went wrong because the rear fender came back too small in radius to fit on the wheel! Not easy to fix because of the deep skirts on the sides, so he came to Aad....

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  The Expert!

The original edge on the fender was actually rolled around a wire, we have no experience with that so made the new edge from solid aluminium

Taking great care not to let the fender deform from the heat Aad welded the edge, both on the inside and the outside of the fender. Then, using many different types of grinding discs, it was time to blend the welds. As you would expect this took a while...

One more inspection revealed some high and low spots that were manually corrected and then the whole thing was sanded with 240 grit, then 320 and then scotchbrite.

It came out quite nice, and Harry was very happy with it!



Before - After