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Making XA parts

Next batch of sparkplug
caps coming very soon!

Reverse Engineering

An example of the kind of
work I also can do

Harry's fender

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Weber IDF intake manifolds

From Cad-design to reality, Aad and me have made quite a few Weber IDF manifolds to fit any Harley. The ultimate performance carb, as used by brands like Maserati, Ferrari, Lambourghini and Porsche before they had fuel injection.
(20 pages)

Weber IDA intake manifolds

A bit less common are Weber IDA 48 carbs on Harleys, but we made some manifolds for those as well

Weber DCOE intake manifolds

How to adapt a double Weber
for use on a Harley Davidson
Cheap and fast carbs, not as
difficult as you might think
You can find them at the junkyard
fr'instance on older Alfa-Romeo's,
or you can buy them brand new
for about $400

Fickin' Bonneville
Making a gastank from scratch
Converting knucklehead to dual carbs
Notching a cylinder
A new seat for Cadbike #1
Aad's Triumph gets a hardtail
Low budget XS 650 project
The Jig / table

Buell's Ass

We made a streetfighter ass of aluminum to replace the big ugly plastic ass of a Buell.

Bronze Risers

We made a couple of sets of brass risers
with cast bronze clamps and all other parts machined. (Now all parts cast in bronze!)

Casting an aluminum swingarm

We make a cast aluminum swingarm
for Cadbike #31, Aad's bike.

Stainless steel and aluminum Oiltank

Build a rustproof oil tank
with internally mounted
Harley Davidson oil-filter
like the one on Cadbike #1

Rebuilding my old 1951 BMW
Putting a 360 tire in a Softail

Gearbox modifications

Converting a 5-speed gearbox to kickstart only and putting it in a 4-speed frame, raised 2 inches for ground clearance

Making fork trees

Making a set of fork trees from scratch


Fuel tank Modifications

Because I really, really, really hate
stretched Fatbobs, I have come up
with some alternative tank mods:
(20 pages, 120+ images)

Frame modifications

Modifying a 1979 FLH 4-speed frame to squeeze in an Evo engine, and blending
in the seat

Dropnose soloseat

In stead of mounting the soloseat on top of Harry's frame we mounted the nose between the frametubes, hiding the pivot and creating a smoother and lower look.
(4 pages)

Stainless steel pipes

After wrecking my front pipe on a
bump in the road during a sharp turn,
I decided my bike needed more
"lean angle" so here is the whole
step-by-step story:
(13 pages)

Lowbudget LED taillights

Converting your normal taillight to LED's is very easy, the LED's last forever, do not get hot, are immune to vibration and use far less power than ordinary lightbulbs. All that for under $10, how about that!

Wheels and brakes

How to respoke a wheel, modern bearings in old hubs, various brake options, how to keep the unsprung weight low and more.
(5 pages)

Aluminum Batterybox

How to turn some
big lumps of aluminum
and stainless steel into
a cool and unique

Air/fuel guage

10 little lights that show you if
your carb is running too lean or
too rich while you ride, jetting your
carbs was never easier.
Up to $350 in a shop; can be
homemade for less than $20

Another clever converter

Converts Horsepower to Kw,
cubic inches to cc
Foot -lbs to Newton-meter
Miles to kilometers
MPG to kilometers per liter
and back again...

Belt drive tips

-Easy belt removal
-Easy valve and ignition adjustment
-Belt covers

How many cubes have you got?

Most combinations of available
bores and strokes
How much cubes do those
oversized pistons add?
Results in CI and CC!

Valve spring compressor

Build a valve tool
that makes changing valves
possible without breaking or
loosing parts and without suffering
a nervous breakdown