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Our dear friend Harry is building a new bike based on a Fick engine (Harley lower end with Matchless heads), and found a guy in Indonesia to make aluminum fenders for him for a low price.
Well, I guess something went wrong because the rear fender came back too small in radius to fit on the wheel! Not easy to fix because of the deep skirts on the sides, so he came to Aad....

  The Expert!

To increase the radius Aad cut out a large part of the skirts and then used the homemade planishing hammer to stretch the middle portion of the fender slightly. The tips of the fender needed to move 40 mm further apart

The fender quite quickly expanded the required 40 mm so then we made patterns to fill up the big holes in the skirts. The thing with a fender like this is that you can make perfect filler pieces but as soon as you start welding there will be shrinkage, which requires more planishing to compensate.

To avoid visible welds we made filler material for the welds by cutting slivers off the pieces we had cut out earlier, this way there will be no color differences

After checking that the dimensions are stil good we will re-cut the inside contour to follow the rim exactly and add new beads around the edges, to be continued...