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Our dear friend Harry is building a new bike based on a Fick engine (Harley lower end with Matchless heads), and found a guy in Indonesia to make aluminum fenders for him for a low price.
Well, I guess something went wrong because the rear fender came back too small in radius to fit on the wheel! Not easy to fix because of the deep skirts on the sides, so he came to Aad....

  The Expert!

After welding in the new sideskirts the fender deformed again due to shrinkage, this was quite easily corrected by hammering out the welds with the planishing hammer. The planishing hammer was also used to raise any low areas and flatten the high areas, so that almost none of the base material was removed when grinding the welds.

Harry wanted the inside contour of the fender to follow the rim, we taped some 8 mm electrical wire on the tire for the correct clearance, then used a bit of wood attached to the wheel axle and with a sharp screw on the other end to scribe a cut line on both sides.

We had to remove the beads on both ends of the fender as the lines were all wrong. Then Aad cut the new inner contour, much better!

The sharp corners got a radius, in the next part we will make a new bead along the edge on both sides and then grind, sand and polish the whole thing!