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This is what Harry's bike will look like when we are finished
(CAD-drawing by Duckman, see Cadbike # 13)

Stainless steel oiltank completely welded and ready for glassbeading. (see tech-tips)
Actually I screwed up, because I had accidentally put one oilline fitting too many on
my drawing, fortunately Aad was able to remove it
without leaving a trace.
 to the welder!
Well folks, here is the Amazing Aad Heemskerk, who has just removed the
tunnel from my poor old Sportster tank with a small grinder.
 to the welder!
We made a deeper tunnel so the bottom of the tank will be horizontal when mounted.

 to the welder!
Flush-mounted aircraft style fuelcap was already put in by me a couple of years ago
when the tank was still on my own bike.
The original tankmounts have been carefully
removed because the fueltank will be mounted with hidden rubber silentblocks..

 to the welder!
A new tunnel has been made from a piece of steel plate and this will be cut to
size and welded in by the next update.............