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This is what Harry's bike will look like when we are finished
(CAD-drawing by Duckman, see Cadbike # 13)

The ugly frame plate has been reshaped into something a bit more clean looking.
 to the welder!
The flange on the right side of the real wheel was no longer necessary because of the
Tolle sprocketbrake setup, so it has been removed and a nice stainless half ball is under
construction to further clean up this area.
 to the welder!
The rear fender plate has now been fully welded and as it turns out the fender has
become incredibly strong and will easily support a rear passenger if necessary

Harry  to the welder!
The rear hub spacer/cover is finished and it turned out great; this is polished stainless
steel, not chrome! We hung the engine and gearbox in the bike to check if everything
fits correctly, and I donated the gastank of my own bike (I've got a new one that just
needs some paint). The fuel tank will be modified by fiitting a deeper tunnel so the
bottom of the tank will be horizontal, just like in the drawing....................................

 to the welder!