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This is what Harry's bike will look like when we are finished
(CAD-drawing by Duckman, see Cadbike # 13)

Wilf and me took out the engine and gearbox and loaded it in my Dodge to
take the whole thing to Johan and Aad Heemskerk, who will fabricate some
brackets and do the welding, using the Cadbike # 13 drawings for reference

 to the welder!
 to the welder!
The plate that connects the rear fender to the frame was cut from 16 mm steel plate
using a watercutter and a CAD design I made. First Aad welded the fender on a
few spots so we could decide if the angle of the fender was okay. While I am writing
this he has already fully welded both sides of the frameplate, making the fender strong
enough to support Harry's considerable weight without need for further brackets.

 to the welder!
Aad also is responsible for the excellent welding on the sprocketbrake brackets. The
brackets for the mini Brembo calipers
were machined out of aircraft quality aluminum,
once again from a CAD-design I did (see Cadbike # 13
 to the welder!
Harry finally gets to sit on his new bike, guess those forward controls will have to be
moved forward quite a bit!
To be continued when everyone is back from their holidays.