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This is what Harry's bike will look like when we are finished
(CAD-drawing by Duckman, see Cadbike # 13)

Harry's swingarm shovel as it looked untill last year, when Harry decided
it was time for something completely different and Harry went shopping....

He bought a hardtail frame from Sweden, which I measured up in my
backyard and modeled in 3D in my computer to do
Cadbike # 13
Tolle sprocket brake  Mini Brembo's
He also bought a Tolle sprocketbrake for the rear wheel and two
Tolle mini-discs and tiny brembo mini-calipers for the front wheel

We assembled the engine and gearbox in the bare-metal frame, and also
assembled the fork and wheels
so all the bracket positions could be determined.
Rear wheel centered to line up sprockets  Hot legs!
I made some stainless-steel spacers to center the rear wheel in the frame,
then lined up the sprockets for the rear chain and made a stainless steel
spacer for the rear sprocket
. Don't you just love those smooth lower legs?