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This is what Harry's bike will look like when we are finished
(CAD-drawing by Duckman, see Cadbike # 13)

New tunnel is in place, old mounts have been removed, new mounting brackets
have been welded to the frame for the hidden mount silentblocks.
 to the welder!
 to the welder!
 to the welder!
The tankmounting is now complete and very strong. The gap between the tunnel
will be closed by welding a piece of steel between the tank. After pressure-
testing it, it turned out there were some tiny leaks around the fuelcap so Aad
welded these shut also. Standing next to the bike the mounting is barely visible
and we are very happy with it. We used the same silentblocks to mount the
steel oiltank, next project: stainless handshift & motormount.
  to the welder!