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Last week we moved my bike from my workshop to Aad's workshop for a few modifications that were easier to do over there. Aad's son Cas took the opportunity to take some pics of the bike with me on it, cool!


The first thing that needed fixing was the ground clearance; the lowest spot was under the seatpost, so we hung the bike in the air and created some more clearance.


The rear tire was hitting the taillight and there was no good place to mount the numberplate, so the old taillight was ditched and Aad made a really cool stainless steel bracket according to my design. Now I have some more clearance for the tire and a place for the numberplate.


The third thing that needed to be done was shortening the rear pipe because it was blocking the view of the rear brake too much. We took out about 5 inches and i am happy with the way it looks now. To be continued...