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8 December 2019: This year I will have owned
this bike for 34 years and I am still changing
stuff all the time, the newest pics
are at the top of the page and the older stuff
at the bottom...

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Older versions and crazy plans below:

I ended up splitting a set of old valvecovers as the Hotdock covers would have required me to cut the frame. It still came out pretty good lookin.


As one of the valvecovers on the real bike is
cracked anyway, I thought I would try a set of
those cool valvecovers that are manufactured
by Keiji Kawakita of Hotdock. It turns out that
they are quite a bit higher than the stock
Shovelhead valvecovers, so I would need to
cut up the frame and the tank to make them fit!
Also they are quite expensive so I have not
decided yet if I will do this on the real bike


In the 8 pics below I experimented a bit with
different pipes and different paint colors


The extended round swingarm, new brake bracket
and push-pull chain tensioners have already
been made for the real bike, see here

In the 4 pics below I changed from a square to
a round swingarm, changed the rear brake
bracket and rear fender, replaced the billet
aluminum forktrees with cast-iron adjustable
trees and changed the paint


The pics below this point are from 2004 and pretty
much what the real bike looked like untill 2014

rendered with POV-ray  rendered with POV-ray
rendered with POV-ray  rendered with POV-ray
rendered with POV-ray  rendered with POV-ray

CADBIKE #1, my own Shovel

This is something I have been working on since July '96,
I made a 3-dimensional CAD-model of my Harley using PRO-Engineer.
The images were rendered with Povray, an excellent free raytracer

12 April 2004: Started modifying Cadbike to look exactly like my
real bike, with ribbed rear fender, stainless fuelline, throttle-cable...

18 October 2004: Added braided oillines, a lot easier on
a real bike than on a CAD model, thats for sure!