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Previous versions of this bike here
CAD version of this bike here


The stock FLH had 51 teeth on the rear sprocket, up untill now I had been using 47 teeth. This year I will try 45 teeth. Normally the sprocket has 5 bolts, I drilled 5 extra holes and countersunk all the boltheads a few mm. In combination with lower bolt heads it is enough to prevent the bolts from hitting the swingarm. My whole chain is offset 8 mm to clear the rear tire, that is why the sprocket is so close to the swingarm.


The brackets for the rear brakes were watercut first, then Jacco used the CNC mill to smooth all the cut surfaces and add a chamfer on all the edges.


The rear brake is starting to look like my rendering! On the pic above you can see my new bracket next to the one I made 20 years ago.


With some help from Aad I made the spacers to center the wheel in the swingarm. I will worry about polishing later, now it is time to put the wheel and swingarm back on the bike and see how it looks...

Here is an alternative idea for the pipes, I like the look but the bends in the rear pipe would be very tight.