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The modified swingarm is back from powdercoating and ready to be installed. Next job is the rockerboxes; the rear rockerbox on my bike has a crack and was leaking all over me and the bike, so it is time for something new. I had an extra set of rockerboxes that were in pretty bad shape, these I will transform into a nice set of split rockers.


The rocker boxes had chrome that was flaking off everywhere so first I had them dechromed. They still looked pretty banged up...
I removed about 12 mm from the middle of each cover and then started shaping the pieces using a coarse beltsander.


I tried to get rid of all the sharp edges and make the covers look more organic. Since Aad was already very busy I decided to buy my own polishing equipment and give it a try.
Very itchy work, but I think I am getting the hang of it, to be continued...