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Last week we made some push-pull chain tensioners for the round swingarm, this is how the brake setup will look. The four piston Tokico calipers are the same ones that I have now, but the mounting bracket will be all new in stainless steel.

Previous versions of this bike here
CAD version of this bike here


I had the mounting brackets for the brake calipers watercut from 10 mm stainless directly from my CAD drawings, next step will be CNC machining a 2 mm chamfer around all the edges and then polishing.


In the meantime I made a mounting tab for the brakerod using a piece of scrap metal, a handsaw, a file and some sandpaper. I filed a double radius to match the tab of the chainguard, not everything has to be hightech and for some reason I really enjoy doing it this way. The welding was done by Aad.


I replaced the rear tire with a Metzeler ME 880 Marathon 150/90 B15, the previous tire was a Dunlop 150/80 which just looked wrong. With the new tire mounted I tried a bunch of old rear fenders I had in the barn. I liked the last one best so that will be the starting point of my new rear fender.


I tackwelded the rear fender to some pieces of angle iron and filled up all the gaps with pieces of scrap sheetmetal. After testfitting again I brought the whole thing to Aad who put some REAL welds on it.


This is my plan for this bike, for now...