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This is what my bike looked like last week, this winter it will be getting some upgrades. First modification will be a round swingarm, with some Duckman Sauce ofcourse... Further plans include getting rid of the billet trees, different rear fender, different seat, higher rear tire, fixing the leaky rockerboxes etcetera. We will see how far I get, as long as it is ready to ride next spring.

Previous versions of this bike here
CAD version of this bike here


Normally a round swingarm is used in combination with a rear drumbrake, which would mean I would have to use a 51 T rear sprocket. I much prefer a smaller 47 T rear sprocket and want to use my current discbrake so we started by making some stainless steel adaptors to fit the current 3/4" axle in the swingarm. We found that the axle plates were not exactly parallel so that was fixed first.


The rear axle adjusters normally only push the axle back, which would be fine for the driveside but pretty useless for the brakeside. I designed a push-pull system and Aad machined some T-slots using a tool he made from an old broken off end milling tool.


After assembling we found that the axle adjuster on the rightside was not inline with the axle so we cut it off and welded it back in the correct position. The old rear axle was shortened, drilled and tapped and all the parts were polished, the new system works like a charm!