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I made a bracket for the external brake reservoir and a support bracket for the oiltank. Both drawn in CAD first, then lasercut and then filed, sanded and hand polished. I fabricated a battery mount under the swingarm, not quite happy with that yet but with a few mods it should be good.


After completing the wiring yesterday and putting back the "old" exhaust pipes I could not resist taking the bike down off the table to see how it would look outside in the daylight. One thing is for sure, it will need a bit more ground clearance! Other than that I am quite happy with it. Today it goes back on the table so I can complete all the last details.


I also added the rear brakelines, brake pedal, foot clutch, sidestand and various other small stuff. It feels like I am going very slow but as long as I do a few parts every week at some point it will be finished, haha. I want to enjoy working on it without stress, and I have other bikes I can ride in the meantime, so no worries!