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While waiting for the powdercoating I wired up the taillight using the little loops that Aad had welded in the fender earlier. I needed to lift the bike to install brakelines and wiring on the underside of the bike, but found that the bike was too low to get the minilift under it. I modified an old bikelift that I had so that it now goes through the "open" frametube under the transmission. This works perfectly!


The handlebar parts and headlight bracket came back from powdercoating and have been put back on the bike. I sanded, primered and rattlecanned the lightswitch because I did not want to take it apart for powdercoating.
New brake reservoir for the rear brake arrived, I will need to dream up a bracket to mount this above the master cylinder somewhere,


I also added the rear brakelines, brake pedal, foot clutch, sidestand and various other small stuff. It feels like I am going very slow but as long as I do a few parts every week at some point it will be finished, haha. I want to enjoy working on it without stress, and I have other bikes I can ride in the meantime, so no worries!