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Almost done now, we took the bike back to my barn and I began with installing the new chainguard. Ofcourse it did not fit the way I wanted it to fit so I made some modifications. Will need new powdercoat now...


In 2008 I visited Hide Motorcycles in Japan and he gave me a cool duck shifter knob, Sven Bijster (Rattlecanned) painted it for me and now it will be the shifter for my personal favourite bike.


The internals of my shocks were pretty bad so I transplanted the internals of a brand new set of shocks. Modified my homemade special tool to dis-assemble and assemble shocks to work with the new shocks.


I connected the wiring of the new taillight, rerouted the oillines that were touching the rear exhaust and shortened and adjusted the front brake cable. I also added the transmission oil and started bleeding the rear brake but ofcourse ran out of DOT 5 brakefluid on a sunday... Almost ready to start now, just need to adjust the ignition, clean the carb, add oil and add a fuelfilter, add fuel and KICK it!