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After some cleaning and polishing I re-installed the Weber IDF carb with the homemade intake manifold that we made a few years ago. Kustom Bart sent me a pic of the tank that is ready for clearcoating, looking good!


Next issue to tackle was the ground clearance, which I did not have... The inner legs I had in the bike were 2" under stock (469.2 mm). I also had a set of stock inner legs (520 mm) but those were worn out. Finally I had a set of brandnew 2" over stock legs ( 570.8 mm) which were much too long in my opinion. We decided to cut these down to 500 mm, which would be about 3/4" under stock. We cut the 70.8 mm off the bottom and used the cutoff pieces to take measurements. After re-installing them on the bike I am quite happy with the look and have at least a little bit of ground clearance!


I sanded and polished my CrimeSceneChoppers oiltank, (a part I designed for them years ago) and remounted it on the bike. I left the bits between the ribs rough deliberately, I still want it to look like a casting.


Cleaned up and polished the stainless steel top motor mount and coil brackets and painted the coils. I will be installing new black plugwires as the old yellow ones look like crap, haha