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While tightening the nuts that hold the transmission to the transmission plate I pulled one of the studs out of the transmission, so I had to lift the bike and carefully tap an oversized thread in the bottom of the gearbox. Shit! After that was repaired I installed new black plugwires and routed them a bit differently on the right side of the bike so that they are less conspicuous.


I found a cool headlight at the Chopperbash and made a mounting bracket for it, reinstalled the oillines to the oiltank, started polishing the footclutch and did a few other small things. Not much free time the last couple of weeks.


Last Monday I went to pick up the paintwork at KustomBart, he really did a great job! The bike looks almost finished but there is still a lot left to do. I need to fabricate a rear mounting bracket for the oiltank, make a batterybox, maybe new handlebars, finish the wiring, find a place for the numberplate etcetera etcetera....