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In part 12 we shaved the legs, the next step was to install 2 new oilseals in each leg instead of 1 like they normally have. To install them I machined a piece of Delrin so I would not damage the seals.


I polished the split rockers once more and then re-installed the internals. While they were open I shimmed the rockers to remove excess end-play. I made some external oillines and then the engine was ready to go back in the frame


The forks had to be disassembled again because te adjustable trees did not fit very well. A little bit of material was removed and now they work perfectly


I re-installed the 3" Primo belt and the old Competitor clutch, made a plate between engine and tramsmission that also serves as a heatsink for the rectifier. I cut up a CrimeSceneChoppers beltcover (I designed a lot of their parts years ago) so that the middle part can be mounted between the belt-pullys. The ribs are the same size and shape as the ribs on my oiltank.


As the bike is sitting in the last pictures, with 2" under stock forklegs it is too low to be usable, so I will need to install slightly longer forklegs. Probably will need to do something with the rear shocks also....