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I gave the engine a good de-greasing and taped off all the steel parts, so I could repaint them with black VHT engine coating. Some polishing and some new hardware and it is looking a lot better already.


Aad welded the 4 holes left over from the original oilline in the rockerboxes so after a bit more polishing they can be assembled on the engine.


The adjustable trees came with a system where they could be assembled in 2 ways; with not enough rake and with too much rake.... We machined some new parts so that the rake can be fixed in the middle position, which should be just right.


Woohoo, shaved legs! Since I have never had a front fender on this bike in the last 30 years, we removed the fender mounts and re-polished the lower legs. Once again, I do absolutely not want these parts to look new and certainly not like billet, so we polished only the high areas and left some of the deeper scars. These parts are more than 50 years old and that is what gives them character!