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The front wheel has been respoked with stainless spokes and fitted with a new Avon Speedmaster and a new Mooneyes valvecap, haha. I find myself in the situation that I am doing much more to the bike than originally planned but you can't really combine dirty and clean parts very well. I polished the front brakedrum but not too much, I like it when you can still see that these are very old parts that have some battlescars!


Aad welded a 4mm bead around the edge of the rear fender and some tabs for the wiring on the inside. We also added 2 nuts (M8) on the inside of the fender near the taillight bracket. This will give me a mounting point for a luggage rack or maybe some eyebolts so I will have something to strap my tent and sleeping bag on to. Tank and fender are now being painted by Kustom Bart.


At the moment I am cleaning up the engine and getting it ready to mount the split rockerboxes so it can go back in the frame.