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I have started with the wiring and installed the rear wheel with a new nickel-plated chain. I accidentally broke one of the banjo bolts on the rear brake and couldn't find one that looks the same so will replace all the banjo's with stainless steel versions. While I am at it I will make a new brakeline because the old one is now too short.


We pressure tested the gastank and found 2 tiny leaks that Aad fixed by TIG welding them. Removed all the rust from the inside of the tank only to find that new rust was developing after a few hours, so we coated the inside with an industrial coating that I got from Kees Vink in Warmond, who claims it is used in aircraft tanks. Thanks Kees! Now the tank is finally ready for paint.


The rear fender needs a little more tweaking as the taillight was too close to the tire, and we still need to weld in the little clamps for the wiring.
The front wheel hub and rim have both been powdercoated and the wheel has been respoked with new stainless spokes.