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In the last episode Aad had decided the sissybar was too high, and it would not fit in my van either so we chopped it off a few days before Norrtelje. To make it a bit more interesting we machined a stainless ring and welded that to the new sissybar tip.


The alternator was not putting out much power so we replaced that as well. This bike is kickstart only and without a battery, so a good output from the alternator is quite important!


The bike was finished just in time, so we loaded it up and drove to Norrtelje, Sweden for the Custombike show.


The organization decided that our bike should be in the Custom class, as in Sweden a chopper should have at least 12"over stock forks, haha. In Sweden the Custom Class is a bit like the Freestyle class on other shows. The weather was great, the show was 4 times as big as the last time we were there, and the public seemed to like our bike!


About an hour before the award ceremony we were asked to put our bike in the "winners circle" so we knew we must have won something. One by one the bikes there were called up on stage, we actually got called up twice! Best in our class (Custom) and second prize over all classes. Needless to say we were very happy and celebrated that night at the party at the Twinclub MC clubhouse!


Next show we will take it is at the Tripout in the UK, where they want us to have a bit of a display and a showcard with the bike, which we are making now.