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After the bike had been completed, and had won "Best Custom" in Norrtelje, we entered it theThe Tripout Bikebuildoff in the UK. The organisation asked us to make a display for the bike so I did a quick sketch and we started fabricating:


To make the feet we traced some sneakers belonging to one of the kids onto steel plate, cut them out and started making toes from roundbar, roughly shaping them with the beltsander and bending them a bit for a more organic look.


I designed a sticker and had it printed on thick vinyl, the kind they use for outdoor signs, and Aad machined the eyeballs from aluminum bar. His wife Nicoline handpainted the eyes.


We powdercoated the frame in the same color as the frame of the motorcycle and as a finishing touch added a fake fur rug on the back. The sign got almost as much attention as the bike at the Tripout Bikebuildoff and our bike won the show!