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A few months ago we decided not to show pics of the finished bike so the effect of the first reveal at the Custombikeshow in Norrtelje would be better. Well, Norrtelje is behind us now, we won Best Custom and 2nd place in Twinclubs Choice, so now we can show you what happened in the months before the show.


Kustom Bart did a great job with the paint and Jeroen at Silvermachine re-upholsetered the seat in dark green leather cut from an old leather jacket that Aad had. This was in April and we thought we had plenty of time before the Norrtelje show in the first weekend of June. Unfortunately Aad had a bicycle accident that left him with a smashed hand and a concussion. Steel pins were put into his hand and no work could be done for several weeks.....


Despite this minor setback we assembled the bike all painted and polished and took it outside for some pics. Looking at it on the ground we decided the sissybar was too high so we took that off to shorten it. Also for some reason the bike refused to start, we found 2 wires had been switched in the ignition, after fixing that it started in one kick!