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Re-assembling the bike, the paint is finished but we are not showing that yet, you will have to wait for Norrtelje for that. But there is some stuff that I can show you:


Aad spent a lot of time cleaning up the crankcase castings, the texture was very uneven and there were some ugly sections. He used a Dremel (!) to completely retexture all the surfaces, much better now! The frame has been powdercoated and wrapped in protective tape so we don't damage it while reassembling.


The neck bearings have been replaced and the internal wiring re-installed in the frame. When polishing the fork covers we noticed one of them had warped a bit because of the welding heat. While trying to straighten it things went wrong and it broke off.


We decided to replace both shrouds with new (slightly longer) ones, that would be machined from 1 solid piece of stainless steel each, to avoid having to weld them.


After many hours of turning 2 solid bars into thin tapered shrouds and a whole trashcan full of stainless chips, all we need to do is open up the "windows"where they go aroung the lower fork tree. We will try to cut 3 sides of these windows so we can bend open the material to make the mounting tabs....