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The plan is to run this bike without a battery, but if this proves to be too much of a hassle to start it we wanted a place where we could hide a tiny Antigravity battery. In any case we also needed a spot for the ignition switch, so we decided to make a "hidden" compartment under the seat.


Starting with a cardboard template we transferred that to MDF, radiussed the edges of the MDF piece, made a Delrin die to round the edges of the hole. The Delrin die was pushed into the aluminium under the press, the outer edges of the electrics tray were hammerformed around the MDF piece.


Aad welded 3 little threaded bungs on the inside of the tray, while I made some steel mounting tabs that would be welded to the frame. No mounts or wiring will be visible after assembly. We clamped some pieces of scap iron to the frame tubes to make sure the tray would line up exactly with the bottom of the frame tubes.