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Next on the list: hiding the headlight wire! We partially stripped the bike for better access first, the black and yellow wire that enters the frame under the seat needs to go to the headlight. We added a (black) ground wire for the headlight under the tank tunnel so that will be hidden when the tank is on. Both wires will go through the neck and lower forktree.


We machined a slot in the neckpost where the wires will enter, and another slot in the bottom of the lower tree that leads to a small hole that exits just behind the headlight mount.


The bottom of the lower tree will get a cover that we made from a piece of scrap stainless steel. This will cover the wire and ground the black wire to the lower tree. Only the plus wire needs to go in to the headlight. The cover plate will probably be coated the same color as the lower tree so that it will barely be noticed. In the next part we convert the headlight to LED.