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Aad drilled and tapped the body of the taillight for the standoffs that will hold the Motone LED board, then machined a slot for the license plate illumination and drilled a hole for the wires. We assembled the whole thing to see if everything worked ok and then started on the bezel.


The first part of making the bezel was very similar to how we made the body; we started with a solid chunk of stainless and did all the welding before hollowing out the part. (Stainless steel deforms quite easily from the welding heat)


We used the Motone bezel as a template to position the parts of the bezel before welding, and after welding we could bolt the 2 stainless steel parts together for further shaping and finishing. The Motone taillights are excellent by the way (I did the designs) but we wanted a unique model and we wanted stainless because it will be welded to the sissybar...