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Aad cut the midsection out of the gascap and reshaped the points, much better now!


Next project is the taillight, we will be using the lens and internals of a Motone taillight and make a new stainless steel housing styled to match the headlight. The rough shape was CNC milled from a stainless bar, then it was welding and grinding as usual.


We left a round bit on the taillight so we would be able to put it back in the lathe later, all the welding was done while the part was still solid, then at the end it was hollowed out on the lathe. The reason for this is that if we had welded on a thinwalled part the taillight would deform from the welding heat.


The shaping of the "ears" was all done freehand starting with an angle grinder and ending with scotchbrite discs, final polish will come later...