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We had left both the housing and the bezel of the taillight with a cylindrical bit of stainless to hold them with in the lathe, which turned out to come in very handy. For the bezel Aad had welded on material where the screws would go and now he started removing excess metal with beltsander and grinder. At this stage it looks quite sad but the finished part is in there somewhere, the trick is to carefully remove all the bits you don't need...


After quite a lot of time, many times turning the bezel 180 degrees in the housing to make sure the bits around the screws were the same, it was time to open up the hole for the glass. We did not want to do this until all the welding was done, to avoid distortion.

The stub we had been using to hold the housing could now also be removed and Aad gave the part a pre-polish while all areas were still accessible. The plan was to weld it into the sissybar next,


Aad made 2 notches in the sissybar at the correct height ( the numberplate will go under the taillight) and carefully TIG welded the light in place. The welds were then ground smooth and ofcourse more polishing was in order. We are quite happy how the taillight came out!