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In the last episode we completed the taillight and were about to start on the license plate mount, but there has been a change of plans. We decided to get the engine rebuilt and cleaned up first so now we will do the stuff for which we need the engine in place first. The license mount we can do while the engine is away.


First thing on the list is to make the sidestand, I have designed a system that will hide the sidestand behind the left pipe when not in use, we will start with a mockup in scrap iron to test the system and get all the dimensions right and then make it again in stainless steel.


As the bike is quite low and we spent a lot of time getting the pipes just right, it was a challenge where to put the sidestand.. With this hand operated sidestand we don't have to worry about hitting the ground while riding and we don't have anything blocking the view on the pipes. It is hand operated, you push down the lever and then swing out the stand.