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Still working on the tiop motormount; on a stock Triumph this would be a fairly cluttered area mostly hidden by the tank, but here all is in full view. After adding oillines, plug wires, throttle cables etcetera we still want it to look clean. While Aad was polishing the new motormounts I mocked up the plug wires and oilline (which needed a slight reshaping)

Aad did a great job smoothing and shaping the stainless steel motormounts, we experimented with a small stainless piece of pipe holding the plugwires but decided this was not an improvement because the straight plugwires just looked unnatural so we took that off again.


On one of the motormounts we fabricated a blind threaded nut which was welded on from the back after polishing. Next week we will make the rest of the mounting hardware as this was already a full day's work. Time flies when you are having fun...