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As Aad is moving his workshop to the other side of his building, and has his hands pretty full with that, the Triumph is progressing even slower than usual.. Last Saturday we found a few hours and continued work on the stainless steel top motormount.

The stock top motormount is quite a cluttered contraption and we figured that we could come up with something much cleaner. This will also serve as a mounting point for spark plug wires, top oillines and throttle cables so it will be a challenge to make this area look clean. The mounting boss on the frame is just tacked in place now, we will remove everything from the frame for final welding later.


As you must have noticed the engine itself looks pretty rough, we will clean that up when all the fabrication work is finished and the motor has been started and the bike has a few miles under it's belt. As for the top motormount, next step will be a lot of grinding, sanding and polishing!