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Last time we removed the brake pedal pivot from the left engine plate and made a new one on the right side. Aad machined a taper and a radius to make it look more like a one-piece casting. The surface was roughed up, again to give that cast look, and new bronze bearings were made. We polished and taped off the high areas on the front and sandblasted the rest. After mounting the engine plate on the bike we decided that sandblasting the whole thing will probably look better, but we will do that later.


Next job is to make a stainless steel brakepedal on the right side of the bike, similar to the stock pedal which was on the left side. We started with the easy part, the pivot. For the "arm" we will need to make an oval tapered piece of stainless steel and then bend that into the correct shape.

We took a piece of stainless strip 30x12 and machined a taper into that on the Bridgeport. Now, how to make this into an oval taper? We will show you next time!