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We completed the hidden mount of the oiltank using a section of pipe that we prepared with 2 blind nuts, so the oiltank wil appear to almost float in the frame without any visible brackets.


We cannibalised an old Harley oiltank to use the internal filter system and made a large cutout in the oiltank to make room for the rear chain. The half circle that you can see on the bottom of the oiltank is where the original filler cap used to be; we used part of the stock 1964 oiltank mounted upsidedown.


The original filler opening was closed with a piece of sheetmetal and the opening for the chain was used to clean up the welds with the planishing hammer. The original return line on the oilfilter was welded shut and a new internal oilline fabricated that will exit through the bottom of the tank. A lot of time was spent on smoothing the oiltank because we are considering maybe nickel plating it so no filler can be used.


To be continued.