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Those of you that were at the Choppershow last weekend know that I am a bit behind on writing the buildthread, so it is time that I try to catch up! Our friend Louk donated a real glass eye as he gets a new one every few years. We made some eyelids from copper plate and Aad TIG welded them in place in the gascap. Reminds us of the Dutch saying that translates to "in the land of the blind one eye is king"


The seat came back from Marcel Miller, he did great job! Our next task was the oiltank. We decided to use part of the stock 1964 Bonneville oiltank but mount it upside down so it would follow the new lines of the frame better.


Aad made a mirror copy of the stock shape for the other half and we decided to give it a hidden mount like we did for the seat and tank.


To be continued.