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While the seat was at Marcel Miller Upholstery we decided to make some stronger fendermounts as the fender itself is quite thin. The seat is much stronger than the fender so it is the seat that will support the sissybar and the fender. Marcel sent us back the seat with foam and with a marker pen and cardboard I showed Marcel what we had in mind.


While the seat was away we continued with the gascap. After brazing together the 2 main parts (the top part from a swapmeet and the bottom part built from scratch) Aad polished it and we decided it needed a bit more detail, so we machined 10 little dimples in the edge.


The bayonet piece on the inside was handmade, we even made a special die to press the ears into the correct shape. The plate was riveted in place and the rubber was cut to size.


To be continued.