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The oiltank was fitted with internal oillines so al the visible connections will be at the bottom. Internal oilfilter was installed and then the final piece could be welded in.

After welding the oiltank was pressure tested to check for any leaks. Next project will be the foot controls.



The plan was to use as much original material as possible to preserve a bit of the "soul" of the bike so we started by installing the stock footrests. Oh boy.. They were in pretty bad shape but nothing unfixable. Also we want them both the same length, the stock left footrest is 2 inches shorter than the right one.

Startin with the right side footrest; first it was reshaped to run a lot closer to the transmission and the big hole that was worn in by the kickstarter was welded up. After that we tried to duplicate the forged finish on the repaired areas. Now to the left side which will be a bigger challenge as it needs to be extended 2 inches. To be continued.